Seth A. Hyman

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

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Seth Hyman

Seth Hyman has spent the last three decades as a serial entrepreneur building his own sales and marketing companies. His understanding and support of the campaign to legalize medical marijuana and hemp are rooted in his personal experiences.

Seth spent years researching alternative treatment options to help his daughter, Rebecca, who suffers from a severe genetic disorder called 1p36 Deletion Syndrome. In addition to seizures, the disorder contributes to developmental delay, physical impairment, and other severe medical conditions. His search led him to studies that showed that Rebecca—and many other medically complex children—could get help from a high-CBD, low-THC oil extract specific to certain strains of hemp and marijuana.

Because of this finding, Seth became dedicated to learning more about the benefits of hemp and cannabis not only for his daughter but also for others who might benefit from the medicine.

Seth was a key figure throughout the lawmaking process for both House Bill 843 and Senate Bill 1030 in the 2014 Florida legislative session, pushing for the legalization of the Compassionate Medical Cannabis Act. He has worked closely with many Florida nonprofit organizations lending his voice and expertise in helping families with children who have special needs.

He also worked closely with the Broward County Sheriff’s Office in developing an emergency response program called BECCA, named after his daughter, that provides EMTs with accurate information and details when responding to a medical crisis.

Seth has significant experience navigating complex legislation and regulatory demands unique to legal cannabis operations and was instrumental in the development of a medical marijuana group for the law firm Kelly Kronenberg. Prior to establishing Hempagenix™, Seth served for 10 years as president and CEO of a sales and marketing company focused on healthcare benefits.

Seth was appointed to and currently serves on the Broward County Medical Marijuana Advisory board, where he continues in his efforts to develop effective marijuana policies and regulations.