Melissa J. Hyman

Corporate Brand Development

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From a very early age, Melissa Hyman understood the importance of advocating for others. Her sister, Rebecca, who was the impetus for Hempagenix™, suffers from many medical issues and Melissa has always been by her side and has helped tremendously not only with her care but also in spreading awareness about epilepsy.  Melissa was also on the front lines with her father, Seth, as he lobbied Tallahassee legislators for the passage of the Compassionate Medical Cannabis Act.

Having called 911 so many times to help her sister, Melissa provided key input in the development of the BECCA program, which provides EMTs with accurate information and details when responding to a medical crisis. She also worked with numerous nonprofits while in school, fundraising money to go toward Becca’s care as well as volunteering for Habitat for Humanity, the Humane Society and others. A burgeoning entrepreneur, she even established a scalable babysitting business while in her teens, complete with a business plan, marketing materials, and website.

Melissa’s interest in helping others led her to pursue a career in law, and she is currently attending college studying pre-law after graduating from high school in three years. As the head of corporate brand development, her goal is to spread awareness of how plant-based products, such as Cannanumb™, can provide relief from chronic and acute pain. She is devoted to analyzing how the brand is perceived in the market by anticipating consumer trends and uses her talents to research and develop innovative techniques that optimize the power of technology. Her role includes measuring and reporting on the success of marketing campaigns and finding innovative ways to expand the Hempagenix™ audience.